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Why it’s worth your time:

While Christmas shopping at Bloomingdales, Jonathan Trager meets Sara Thomas, and sees the chance encounter as ‘a sign,’ Sara believes their paths will cross again. Ten years pass, and Jonathan can’t stop thinking about Sara, even though he’s engaged to someone else. Never giving up on the notion of ‘love at first sight,’ Jonathan embarks on a whirlwind quest to track down the woman of his dreams.

The takeaway:

While it might seem like another sappy romantic comedy, “Serendipity” is a lesson in authenticity, the power of friendship, and acting on your gut feeling, even when the odds are against you. Raising the question about the power of intuition, this movie can inspire conversations around how we fall in love, how we feel when love is lost, and the lengths we’ll go to meet our ‘soul mate.’

Watch it with:

Anyone looking for a ‘feel-good’ romantic comedy. Or anyone who wants to see how fate can defy logic.

Worth noting:

If you’ve recently gone through a break-up, separation, or divorce, this film might bring up feelings of sadness and grief.

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