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The Prom

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Why it’s worth your time:

First of all, just look at this list of stars:  Meryl Streep. Nicole Kidman. Kerry Washington. Keegan Michael Key. James Corden. Andrew Rannels. Can you imagine what it took to wrangle them all into one film?

Adapted from the Tony-winning Broadway musical and directed by Ryan Murphy, this crowd-pleaser aims to fill that giant live theater hole in your holiday heart.  It’s the story of Emma, a teenage lesbian in small-town Indiana who just wants to take her girlfriend to the prom, and a group of washed up Broadway stars who come to her defense.  Yet it’s also a not so subtle satire about showbiz — told with jazz hands by some of its most successful talents.

And finally, there’s this: “The pitch on musicals is that this is the world as we wish it would be, but The Prom reminds us that this is the world as it is, maybe with less dancing and singing. Fabulous!” – Patrick McDonald, WBGR

The takeaway:

Whether high school was the best or the worst time of your life, The Prom will transport you to a heartwarming, toe-tapping place and ease your Covid-couch-surfing soul.

Watch it with:

The Prom will be a delight to Glee and Pose fans, as well as those missing live theater and musicals.

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