If the heat or the rain has you cooped up inside, it may be time for a steamy summer escape watch. So pick your destination, your mood, and your fantasy date (or dates), and find a movie or show below to stir your imagination and quicken your pulse.

FBoy Island

A fresh and fun twist on the dating show, set in the stunning Caymans, three women have to determine which of 24 gorgeous single men are just there for sex and fame. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously, so you don’t have to either. Get some friends together and play along at home.

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A racy, seductive drama that defies K-drama tropes, Nevertheless is about a friends-with-benefits relationship that explores all of the confusion, lust, insecurity and pain of college-age relationships. Watch this one with a crush and cocktail.

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She’s Gotta Have It

Free-spirited artist Nola Darling (DeWanda Wise) juggles three lovers while trying to stay true to herself in this sexy comedy-drama series that brings a timely update to Spike Lee’s 1986 film. A hidden gem that ran from 2017-2019, it’s waiting to be rediscovered on Netflix. 

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Too Hot to Handle

If the summer heat is cooking your brain, finish it off by throwing it on the grill that is Too Hot to Handle. There’s an all new season to binge, and you’ll only regret it if you actually feel guilt from your guilty pleasures.

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Sexy Beasts

You know how Belle fell for that Beast, who was really just a Furry hiding a hot stud of a prince? That’s essentially the premise of this dating show, which may or may not be a parody of The Bachelor. Shop for your next date or your next pet and have a jolly good howl.

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Sex and Lucía

A cinephile’s choice for a Netflix and Chill night, Sex and Lucia is a steamy and intoxicating portrait of two lovers … and their other lovers … that explores the blurry lines between reality and imagination, love and lust, tragedy and obsession.

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In the Heights

Filled with life, music, color, and passion, In the Heights literally radiates joy. Come for the music and big dance numbers, stay for the touching and intimate portrait of the immigrant experience in America — from several points of view.

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White Lines

While it might leave you with an Ibiza-worthy hangover, jerking you from over-the-top 90s debauchery to telenovela murder mystery to a steamy beach romance, White Lines can also be a tense and transporting caper that might just lure you into an EDM style trance.

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Outer Banks

A suspenseful and seductive class drama set against the sea grass swept barrier islands of the Carolinas, Outer Banks has hooked audiences with its attractive cast, bombastic personalities, and search for a buried treasure. Watch it as a scripted follow-up to Too Hot To Handle.

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A provocative, rapturous indie about a 17-year-old poet who meets an aspiring songwriter during her last summer before leaving for college. It’s a heart-wrenching story about a passionate first love that delivers a breakout performance, piercing writing, and a love letter to Harlem.

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