Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

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Why it’s worth your time:

If you loved the songs of Pitch Perfect and Glee, then Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist should be added to your watchlist. It’s a comedy with heart, and it’ll have you singing, dancing, and counting down the hours until next week.

Jane Levy is a breath of fresh air who plays a quirky, strong, and intriguing coder that works at one of the top tech companies. There are sassy side characters, swoon-worthy love interests, and fun jokes, but it doesn’t take away the attention from Zoey’s family life—a sarcastic brother, a heartbroken mom, and a father with a debilitating disease. The show somehow perfectly manages balancing tear-jerking moments with laugh-out-loud ones.

What you can expect:

Zoey’s is about a young woman trying to navigate through life with a new job, family hardships, and a personal life. Her father is diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy, which is a disease that slowly leads to loss of motor function and dementia. As she goes to get an MRI to see whether she may have the disease as well, an earthquake happens while she’s in the machine. Once it’s over, she can suddenly hear the innermost thoughts of everyone around her—through whatever song they’re singing.

She’s given a new job that she worked incredibly hard for, but Zoey has a hard time focusing now that everyone is singing at her. With music comes confessions, and Zoey learns that her work-crush is unhappy in his relationship and her best friend is in love with her. Confiding in one of her friends next door, Zoey works to figure out how to stop the music so she can live a normal life once more.

You get hilarious jokes, sad moments, and bops that you can dance to through the whole episode. There are also fan favorites (Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect) that are great singers and truly do each song justice. So you’ll cry, sing, laugh, and feel all the warmth in your heart. What more could you ask for in a dramedy?

The takeaway:

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is the show for anyone who welcomes something insanely out of this world but also a little bit relatable. We all suffer with family, work, and love problems. But to see these problems portrayed in such an imaginative way is perfect for those who just feel “blah” about TV lately. It’s truly a show that’s unlike anything else.

Watch it with:

This show is perfect to watch with your friends, partners, family members, or even alone. It’s warm, fuzzy, and fun. Anyone who’s looking for an exciting new show that they can bop along with will love it.

Worth noting:

A more grounded, realistic version of Pitch Perfect, there’s no catty drama of a competition — just good, old-fashioned singing your thoughts aloud. Joking aside, there are a few plot holes (like how much time passes while people are belting out songs), but if you can overlook those, it’s a fun, escapist show.

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