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What it’s about:

An upbeat and hilarious romantic comedy about two childhood sweethearts who have a falling out and reconnect 16 years later, but in vastly different circumstances.

Names you might know:

Ali Wong and Randall Park star alongside a strong cast that also includes James Saito, Michelle Buteau, Vivian Bang, and Daniel Dae Kim. Look for a hilarious cameo by Keanu Reeves as himself.

Why it’s worth your time:

After their awkward teenage fling ends badly, former best friends and neighbors Sasha (Ali Wong) and Marcus (Randall Park) go their separate ways on very different life paths. Sasha becomes a renown celebrity chef, but she’s engaged to a rich jerk who’s in no hurry to get married (Daniel Dae Kim). Marcus fixes air conditioners with his dad (James Saito) while playing in the same band from high school. The pair reunite when Sasha unknowingly hires their company and things get delightfully complicated. The film shows that time, distance, and bad memories can be overcome by relationships built on love, trust, and inside jokes. Also, that you should always trust the wisdom of Keanu Reeves.

The takeaway:

A thoughtful and charming portrayal of modern relationships showcasing the importance of family bonds, integrity, and friendship.

Watch it with:

Anyone having a tough day that needs a laugh or is seeking inspiration to find their perfect relationship.

Worth noting:

Wong and Park, old friends in real life, wrote the script together as their When Harry Met Sally.

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