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Love on the Spectrum

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What it’s about:

This endearing Australian docu-series follows young adults on the Autism spectrum as they embark on their quest to find true love. Each episode focuses on a few different people as they go on dates, meet with a relationship coach, and attend speed dating. The second season, which arrived on Netflix September 21st, continues with some of the same subjects while also introducing a few new ones — and we even get to witness a couple that gets married.

Why it’s worth your time:

Love on the Spectrum offers an unbiased look at the romantic trials and triumphs of people on the autism spectrum. Since each subject interviewed is so darn endearing, you can’t help but root for them.

Many shows and films have focused on how hard it is to love an autistic person, but Love on the Spectrum takes the approach of showing how hard it is to be in love while being autistic. The focus varies from couples in long-term relationships to singles going on their very first date. The first season follows seven young adults on the spectrum, and a few notable standouts who return for the second season.

There’s Michael, who has determined that an “A+ partner looks like me” and has no greater desire than to find a wife. Michael does find a girlfriend in season two, and their courtship is very cute. He also proves that he has some serious game; he wears suits to dates and takes his girlfriend out to fancy restaurants.

Mark, who has a deep love for dinosaurs, eventually does meet a girl (who was featured in the first season) who also loves dinosaurs (and knits him an adorable triceratops). We also follow Ronan and Teo, two new additions to the cast, as they go on their very first dates. Meanwhile, Kassandra, another newcomer, reveals some fierce cosplay and a delightfully weird personality.

Love on the Spectrum doesn’t focus on sex and skin like many other reality dating shows, nor does it mock its subjects. The directors never appear to prod or manipulate the subjects, which results in them honestly revealing their true thoughts and feelings. If there is one fault in season one, it’s the limited focus; the subjects are mostly white and in their 20s. It would be interesting to see older subjects and people from different ethnicities in future seasons.

Ultimately, the series reminds us that it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone just wants to be loved.

The takeaway:

A charming series that educates viewers on what it means to be on the spectrum while exploring the universal power of love.

Watch it with:

Your family, your partner, and your friends. This is a series that, due to its sweet and lovable subjects, could be watched with anyone.

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