Expand Your Horizons

Cindy White


A complex German thriller that unravels the a pattern of mysterious disappearances affecting four families across different generations — leading up to a recent hunt for a missing boy.

Bolivar - Netflix series
Jesús Triviño Alarcón

Bolívar (South America)

“Sex and revolution – what else is there?” This irresistible telenovela is also a biopic about one of the most important figures in world history: Venezuelan liberator Simón Bolívar.

Vincent Nyakundi


Kenya’s sweeping family drama has hooked 90% of the population with its tear-jerking story — while throwing East Africa’s rich and poor divide into stark relief.

Claudia Kim


Packed with horror, action and gore, not to mention a deeper exploration of political game. Season 2’s story focuses on the power struggles amid an epidemic.

the good karma hospital
Dr. Rachita Narsaria

The Good Karma Hospital

A timely drama from India that explores the very human struggles of doctors and nurses inside a struggling hospital. The show has hooked audiences in its home country and overseas.