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WTF: WandaVision Episode 9 “The Series Finale”

Well, that was a ride. With its ninth and final episode officially out in the world, WandaVision is complete. Say what you will about the merits of binging, I’ve really enjoyed having something like this to look forward to each week and, for the most part, have never felt disappointed or let down or strung along. The finale was the probably the closest I’ve come to it, but I’m willing to give the creators extra points for attempting a high level of difficulty here. It’s impossible to please everyone. The best you can do is be true to the story you’re telling, and I think they did that.

The usual spoiler warnings will apply from this point on. I’ll be talking about the entire series, right up to the end, so proceed at your own risk.

What I missed most in this episode, and in the last one too, was the fun and good humor the series had at its start, even juxtaposed with ominous undertones (which made it even better I think). A major source of that delicate balance was lost once Agnes transformed from kooky neighbor into power-hungry witch. I get that it was a necessary direction for the story, though. Beneath all those playful period references, WandaVision is a show about facing the depths of grief. Wanda couldn’t live in the fictional TV world of Westview forever, and neither could we.


Lingering Questions (That Might Actually Be Answered)

Did the show answer its own questions? Mostly, yes. Were all of our questions answered? Not really. Even if some of the answers were not the ones we were hoping for (Ralph Bohner? Really?), the climax was a satisfying conclusion to Wanda’s character arc and gave us a hint as to where she might be going next.

Although WandaVision is relatively standalone (to a greater extent than many predicted), in the end it did lay the groundwork for at least two future projects, maybe more. The two post-credit sequences set up at least two upcoming Phase 4 movies, Captain Marvel 2 and Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. So we may yet get some closure on some of the things the show left open-ended.


What happened to White Vision?

White Vision disappeared after Wanda’s Vision downloaded his memories, but he’s still out there somewhere. In comics he played a role in some world-shaping events, so I doubt we’ve seen the last of him. He has Vision’s body, and now his memories too, but what is he without the mind stone? Could Wanda restore him fully by tapping into the same power she used to create her version of him? I hope so, for Wanda’s sake.


Are Tommy and Billy Gone for Good?

The goodnight/goodbye scene with Wanda, Vision, and the twins was heartbreaking. I suspected it would come down to her sacrificing her happiness in order to restore Westview back to what it was and free its citizens, and that’s exactly what happened. But at the very end of the last post-credit scene it sounded like one, or maybe both of them, were calling out for her. The MCU seems to be heading towards a Young Avengers team, and they are likely candidates, along with Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, and other characters due to be introduced in coming projects.


Is Agatha Doomed to Live as Agnes Forever?

Agnes was too popular, and Kathryn Hahn too good in the role, to put her out of commission permanently. She’s not dead, just under Wanda’s spell (and what a great reversal, considering she was the one who erased Wanda’s memory in the comics). The writers left the door wide open for a return when she cautioned Wanda that she’d need her help figuring out her new powers. The runes that rendered Agatha powerless went away along with the hex, so technically she could use her magic in the future, if only she knew she had it. All it would take is someone to remind her. Imagine her going up against Loki? Or, even better (though probably not for humanity), working with him? Whatever the scenario, it would be a shame to leave her wasting away in Westview.


What’s Next for Monica?

As we saw in the first post-credit scene, Monica has been summoned to space by a Skrull who says she was sent by an old friend of her mother’s. Could that be Nick Fury? The last time we saw the real Fury he was chilling in space, so they could be headed for a reunion. Another option could be Talos, who was recently revealed to be impersonating Fury on Earth in Spider Man: Far From Home. We already know Teyonah Parris will reprise her role as Monica Rambeau in Captain Marvel II. Whether she’ll circle back to television in the announced Secret Invasion series remains to be seen.


Lingering Questions (That Probably Won’t Be Answered)

At the risk of dwelling on mysteries that will likely never be solved, I’m going to take a stab at some possible theories here. Who was the witness that went missing and brought Jimmy to New Jersey in the first place? Some townsperson. Didn’t matter. Who was the astrophysicist Monica contacted to get her into the hex? No one we’d know. Why did they tease a big cameo appearance in the media if they didn’t have one? Because Marvel likes trolling us. Why did they hire Evan Peters if he was never intended to be Quicksilver from the X-Men movies? See the previous answer.

We did find out who Ralph was, but that’s little consolation, since it seem like we’re not getting any multiverse mutant crossovers anytime soon. It is curious, though, that the day before the final episode aired, a report surfaced that Marvel has a new movie in the works centered around mutants. They’ve now got all these new IPs from the Fox merger, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.


And on that note, I think I’m going to leave it there. Have you enjoyed reading these breakdowns? Do you want to see more for other shows? Let us know in the comments. If you’ve been following along since Episode 5, when I first started writing these, thank you! I’m kind of sad it’s over but, to quote Wanda, I’m sure “we’ll say hello again.”

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