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What it’s about:

Hosted by Phil Rosenthal, Somebody Feed Phil is a travel docuseries that takes its viewers on food-filled adventures to exciting destinations around the world. From Mexico City to Bangkok, and from Buenos Aires to Cape Town, Rosenthal gains access to a deeper understanding of a destination’s culture and history through its food, whether it’s by gorging on lavish dinners prepared by world-renowned chefs or cozy meals crafted by home cooks.

Names you might know:

American television writer and producer Phil Rosenthal is best known as the creator of the long-running sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. Together with his brother Rich, the duo co-produces Somebody Feed Phil, and the series is directed by John Bedolis.

Why it’s worth your time:

Rosenthal uncovers each destination’s culinary landscape with a childlike wonder and wide-eyed enthusiasm. His time in sitcom production is evident throughout this food-centric travel series—from the show’s happy theme song, which he helped write, to his wholesome dad jokes.

Rosenthal’s experiences—including sharing couscous with a Berber family in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, touring Ho Chi Minh City with culinary star Nikki Tran, and browsing the stalls of Tel Aviv’s Port Market with Israeli food journalist Michal Ansky—are paired with servings of the destination’s culture and history. Rosenthal uses food to connect with individuals from all over the world as he learns about local ingredients and a destination’s rising food trends. Interspersed between the mouthwatering shots of food are stunning landscape captures, which will make you want to jump on a plane to that destination and devour their food for days.

In addition to sampling a city’s must-eats, like the flaky pastel de nata, or Portuguese custard tart, Rosenthal also embraces his adventurous side as he tastes lesser-known local favorites, like bún ốc or snail vermicelli soup in Ho Chi Minh City.

Each episode wraps with a video call between Rosenthal and his family members in America, and viewers get a first-hand look at his family dynamics as he banters with his parents and recaps what he’s experienced in each destination.

Unlike other food show hosts, Rosenthal doesn’t have any formal kitchen experience, but he’s able to present a more candid and less serious approach to deconstructing and understanding a destination’s culinary landscape while still making it informative.

The takeaway:

Despite being in foreign places and navigating unfamiliar cultures, Rosenthal demonstrates to his viewers just how food connects people from all over the world. His heartwarming approach to sharing laughs and meals at the table with chefs and multigenerational families results in new friendships in unexpected places.

Watch it with:

This uplifting and easy watch will delight Everybody Loves Raymond fans, home cooks who want some inspiration in their kitchen right now, and anybody who misses international travel and the joy of exploring a new destination.

Worth noting:

Somebody Feed Phil began as I’ll Have What Phil’s Having on PBS before the series moved exclusively to Netflix. Somebody Feed Phil was nominated for two primetime Emmys: one in 2018 and one in 2019.

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